Everything Edible
Personal Chef Service
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Home Cooking Made Easy
Everything Edible is a highly personalized and customized culinary
experience. It is a personal chef service based in Santa Fe,NM that keeps
everything and everyone in mind; from busy individuals and families to small
cocktail and dinner parties. Life does not often allow us to do it all.
Sometimes we need help. Whether the help means having healthy home
cooked meals awaiting you after a busy workday or ensuring that you can
effortlessly entertain while hosting a dinner party, let Everything Edible be the
Everything Edible offers true and absolute benefits to a wide variety of
clients and situations. It is a unique personal chef service  offering busy
people delicious, nutritious and affordable meal solutions.  Sometimes the
hectic pace of life makes maintaining a healthy, affordable diet increasingly
more difficult. By offering personalized meals, customized menus, incredible
food and unparalleled service, Everything Edible can revolutionize the way you
view your next meal!  

We have become a popular and palatable solution to the overextended
Everything Edible